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April 6, 2011

Success story

Forty years ago today my parents were married. It was a Tuesday and they did it in the Catholic church with my Grandma and Grandpa Kenton as their only witnesses. Mom's dress was a brown and white mini dress (very mini) and Dad wore a blue shirt, and tie with a brown coat. There was a small family party at my Grandparents house, no one remembers what they ate and my Aunt Joanie made a wedding cake.

Forty years later they have one (fabulous) kid, awesome friends and family and an amazing life together. Not bad for a couple who met on a blind date in the 70's.

They aren't much for celebrating this date, preferring to celebrate the date of their first date which surprisingly enough they both remember with better clarity than their wedding day. But I am not one to let an event like this pass without at least a little bit of celebration,

I only went overboard a little bit. Like the custom printed menus that I thought of today. Or the toast in the glass their best friends gave them as a wedding gift.

I told them they had a date tonight and that was it. Then as the week progressed, I finalized my menu and details and had way too much fun planning tonight's dinner.

Oysters on the Halfshell
Tomato, Meyer Lemon, Horseradish Sorbet

Nicholas Feuillate Brut Champagne

Seared Bay Scallops
Pea Puree, Pea Tendrils, Caviar

Baby Greens
Duck Confit, Gala Apples, Goat Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar & EVOO

Foley Winery Bar S Ranch Chardonnay

Rack of Lamb
Wild Mushroom Demi
Roasted Garlic Risotto Cake

Foxen "Toasted Rope" Syrah

For dessert I enlisted the help of a dear friend, lovely lady and talented pastry chef who, in her spare time, whipped up a gorgeous cake that my Dad couldn't get enough of.  


Wedding/Anniversary Cake

Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Crunch Cake
Made with love by La Starr Heiliger from La Starr & Co

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


CYB MFLC said...

You are all too amazing, Jen. This brought a tear, a warm feeling in my heart, and a slice of envy for having such a rich life filled with love, great food, talent, and a passion for it all! Love ya! Linda

Mike said...

Wow...it all looks amazing! What a great treat. Happy Anniversary to them both!