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May 1, 2010

Eating on the run

All of a sudden I looked up and it is May.


Holy crap, where is the year going? Two minutes ago it was January and I was up to my eyes in phone calls. Now it is May (MAY!) and I have hit the ground running straight in to the busiest June I have seen in years. I am selling and booking, organizing and detailing, checking in on my groups and my teams groups, helping out at the hotel where needed and somewhere in the middle of that I remember to eat

Early morning meetings find me skipping my daily walk (ugh) and grabbing a bite at work while passing through the kitchen. A bite of fruit, slice of bacon, blueberry muffin is what I get for breakfast. Maybe make a cup of instant oatmeal in the microwave in my office and always, always eat it at my desk. This morning I had a half of a shrimp burrito from Tacos Jalisco, cold of course, while I was driving to work.

Lunch is whatever leftovers mom gifts me with or that I have brought home from last nights dinner out because I got home too late to cook anything. Or I run out in to Ojai to run errands for myself, my clients and my co-workers and grab a Rubens Burrito or if we are splurging, a delicious entree from Osteria Monte Grappa. Today I got to inhale leftover Chinese food, heated up.....at my desk of course.....in between a site and a wedding

Tonight's dinner will most likely be hors d' ouevres snitched from a hot box during the wedding reception and then a glass of wine at home before I pass out and come back to do it all again tomorrow.

I love my job.

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