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March 1, 2010

Sausage Party

I write this title with as much seriousness as I can muster...but really? How can you spend all day with meat shaped like, well...um...ahem...you know!! Then playing with intestines that look like prophylactics and not have some sort of sarcastic tongue in cheek title like "Sausage party".

To me it brings to mind those days of old where you would show up to a party in high school or college and the place was dominated by the male species. Girls would light up, preen and troll for the best looking guy in the room. Guys however, would enter the room, take a look around and disdainfully remark "It's a sausage party, lets go". You feel me? If not, sorry my humor is just too 8th grade for you....but whatever, we all thought it was funny as hell. Needless to say, the jokes going through the kitchen today were at best, juvenile.

Originally it was going to be me and Dad-once he found out that I was going to make sausage out of the pig Brock brought home, he volunteered to help as he had a couple of turkeys that he wanted to get rid of and make into sausage leaving the bones and scrap meat for Mom to make stock and tasty meals with.

Unfortunately, Dad had to go off and work on one of his projects, leaving me and mom to grind, mix, season, stuff, seal and freeze no less than 8 varieties of sausage ( I know, I am crazy). It was a fair amount of work to chop and dice the meat and fat, bone out the turkeys and grind all the meat (about 30# in all) but in the end, it was worth it!

Mom was only able to stay for about half the time, having to run off to work in the middle of the day.....fortunately for me, my cousin Tom came to visit and not only kept me company, but was my official blog photographer, comic relief and now is known to me from this day forth as the "Sausage of Honor"...being the only man in the house during my party he has been crowned and will be known by this name forever.

I sit here and write with my feet hurting (just a little), hands dried out from washing a zillion dishes and am in possession of some seriously delicious vittles for future dinners, parties and other gatherings that require deliciousness. A glass of wine has rarely tasted so good.

The chosen flavors are as follows....

Bratwurst-A Kenton/McKaye family must have

Cheddar Wurst-Like Bratwurst, but with Cheeeeeeese!!!!

Italian Sausage-It's a staple. Nuff said.

Lucanega (aka Tom Sausage)- Citrus Zest, Vermouth, Fennel, Coriander & Nutmeg

Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage-Had to see if I could make a good one!

Super Yummy Smoked Snacking Sausage-Keeper recipe, smoked in the cooktop smoker!

Turkey Sausage with Sun Dried Tomatoes-So freaking good!

Hot Italian Turkey Sausage-Speecy Spicy Staple!

Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage-Light Staple :)

It goes without saying that if you are a guest in my home in the next few months you will most likely be enjoying the fruits (meats) of my labor. If by some random freak of nature there is another crazy person out there that wants to make their own sausage from scratch and needs a recipe for any of the above snausages, just write and tell me, I am not above sharing. :)

Dinner was, of course, sausage....in tasting format, with all of us voting for our favorites, dipping them in various mustard's and washing it down with a nice green salad and plenty of wine.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sausage party and hope that you did as well, I recommend it in the future if for no other reason than you cry off your makeup because you laugh so hard.

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Alex said...

That was some long sausage, huh! Well, my family really loves serving and eating sausages. It’s always a huge hit in the house, even if there’s no special occasion!

Alex Staff