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February 22, 2010

In the confessional

A week after the first "stirrings" of whatever strain of flu this might be, I am slowly rejoining the land of the living. I went to work doped up on DayQuil today and muddled my way through 200+ emails and multiple messages and by 4:30 I felt faint, my brain hurt and all I wanted to do was plant my ass on the couch where it's resided since last week when I got smacked with this bug. I swear I thought I felt better this morning, well enough to go to work, sit in my bubble and not breathe on the ladies I share office space with. Maybe not.

I might have been wrong, but I am only admitting this here as I use this blog as my personal confessional with you, darling reader, as my confessor.

Being sick sucks no matter what you have, how long you have it or when it comes on. I get sick very rarely, but when I do, I vacillate between the pillar of strength and the puddle of pathetic-ness....the latter of which I resembled this last week.

Huddled on the couch, swaddled in blankets I switched back and forth from my laptop and Facebook to TV and CSI (the ONLY thing on during the day that didn't make me want to claw my eyeballs out) while alternately sweating and freezing, downing tea, water and Emergen-C like it was going out of style and trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to eat....

Entertainment was solved by my Mom and my friend who dropped off movies for me....standing 10 feet away from me so as not to get infected, we had a nice interaction for about 2 whole minutes.

My big thing was.....Was I hungry or did I want to eat because I was bored out of my skull? My body wanted food, but nothing sounded good. Not fat, not carbs, not sugar...nothing. How weird. Don't think I have ever had this little of an appetite!

Everyone says "Soup!"...."Chicken Soup!" and yes, I am well aware of the wonderful healing properties of good chicken noodle soup, but I had some issues to get past. First, I can't stand the canned stuff. It tastes bad enough when I am normal, but I was finding out with this bout of sickness that things were just not tasting right even if they were decent to begin with. And to be honest I just couldn't stand long enough to make it from scratch. Second, no one wanted to come within 20 feet of me (to bring me soup, sniff...) for fear of contracting the bug and I really can't say I blame them,

I ate some pretty crappy things this last week just to sustain me. Stuff from the fridge that was easy and looked like it might fill a void and not make me nauseous. And then I actually made a couple of things that were blog worthy, however I lacked the the presence of mind to take a picture and document as I should have...I'll just have to make them again and share later.

One was Julia Child's Potato Leek Soup, simplicity in itself...it filled the order for soothing soup for my tummy and required not much more than 5 minutes over a cutting board and I was able to let the stove do the rest of the work while I warmed up my spot on the couch.

The other was a pasta dish with Italian Sausage & Rapini...I know it sounds like an odd thing to make when you are sick, but I had it up to my ears with bland food and wanted something zest and spicy. Don't think it was the best thing for my stomach, but I sure enjoyed it at the time. :)

So now we get to the part where I tell you all about the crummy stuff I ate and you give me absolution and I can go forth and sin no more. Ready?

Confession #1...Kraft Macaroni & Cheese-I know it is powdered cheese and that goes against all that is natural, but there is a place for it in my world sometimes.

Confession #2...Cold pizza from Hungry Howies. Brock must have brought it home while I was sleeping....it had thick bacon chunks on it and I was lost at that moment.

Confession #3...Quesadilla.....Cheese and carbs oh yes, you are my friend (do you see a trend here?). Poquito salsa posible? Si por favor!

Confession #4...Special K. When all else fails, reach for the cereal box. I am pretty sure this accounted for at least half of my food intake during a 5 day period.

Everything else is a little fuzzy so I am just going to cap it at that and ask for absolution. I know in my heart I should have eaten better because it probably would have helped me get better faster, but I just couldn't...you've been there, right?

So forgive me reader, I have sinned. processed cheese, too many carbs and very few veggies that I can remember. I promise I will do better next time with fresh ingredients, fun recipes and photos to tempt you. But for now, offer me the cleansing power of Catholic absolution...In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, amen.

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Lynn Kenton said...

How on earth did you get that Latin down so well. Ah, the powers of Google:) Glad you're on the mend- I'm well rested but miss you in the kitchen!