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January 20, 2010

Diet schmiet...

So exactly how is one supposed to go on a frigging diet when the weather is cold and all you crave are warm comforting foods? Mostly warm comforting foods that are made with things not on your frigging diet and need to be sopped up with delicious vessels made from carbohydrates that are definitely NOT on your frigging diet.

Definitely having one of those evenings....maybe I have been depriving myself so much that my body actually CRAVES it.

Oh yeah, that must be it.

I do pretty good until nights like this when I walk in to the store and go just a little insane....Brock requested chili and cornbread for dinner, and although he would have been fine with the Von's brand from the deli, you know me by now and know that I went and got all the makings to make it from scratch because it would be better for us, right?


Brock makes his favorite "quick" chili from a mixture of random beans and canned chilis only known to him along with green chilies and the "secret ingredient"....chorizo. Fattening as hell, but it has SUCH good flav-a!!

So here I am in the store looking at the chorizo debating between pork and beef, looking at the calories and fat grams (Seriously? How DO you pack 22 grams of fat in to 1 serving the size of a tablespoon??? What else is in there besides fat???) and opting to go for the beef since I was doing beef chili. As it turns out, there is the equivalent of about 1/2 cup of solid matter in one 1# link once you have cooked it, drained it and squeezed all the fat out through a paper towel or cheesecloth. I like to think that I removed all the fat this way...please correct me if I am wrong!

Whatever, it's not like I eat like this every day. And the addition of flavor is worth it, I just won't be telling my doctor about this.

And THEN...because I was having chili, you know I had to make cornbread right? Because it is like a PB&J, BLT, cheese and wine....some things are just meant to go together. So of course the cornbread calls for butter and milk, but then I go and add green onions for flavor & color....and cheese because Brock likes it that way.

Again, I say whatever! Double workout tomorrow and better lighter cooking the rest of the week.

But for now I share with you a delicious chili recipe that is damn easy to prepare....

Ground Beef Chili

1 Large Onion, medium dice
1 Red Bell Pepper, medium dice
3 Cloves Garlic, fine dice

Sweat the above in 1 T olive oil until soft.

Season with 1 tsp Chili Powder.

1 -15oz Can Diced Tomatoes with juice
1-1/2 cup Beef Broth or Stock

Simmer gently and add

1# Lean Ground Beef, browned & drained
1# Link of Chorizo, browned and drained REALLY GOOD

1-15oz Can Kidney Beans, drained and split in 1/2

Take 1/2 of the Kidney Beans and add to the chili, keep the other half aside and add a little water. Puree in food processor or with immersion blender and add to chili.

Simmer for a while and season to taste. Serve with Cornbread and whatever garnish you want....if you don't care about an extra calorie or two, use cheese, sour cream or other delicious dairy based condiments. Cilantro & green onion are also delicious additions.

You know, this blog is almost as good as going to a priest for confession, I feel better already!

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