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July 24, 2009

Don't mess with my bacon

So I posted once today and thought I would not have time for another......Until I sat down with my sweetie after a frantic day of working, power shopping, pedicure (neccesity, not a luxury), laundry & packing for a trip.

We had BLT's for dinner-thick sliced bacon, iceberg lettuce, heirloom tomatoes (cherokee) from Dads' plants and good sourdough bread. The only garnish was mayo...no mustard, no salt, no pepper no fru fru stuff, just straight up fried pork, sweet tomatoes & crisp lettuce. I don't even toast the bread anymore because it scrapes the roof of my mouth and ruins the whole experience for me for days after.

Midway through my perfect sandwich my sweetie says...."what if you put bread & butter pickles on here...wouldn't that be good?" Blech. NO!

I am very open to trying new things and will eat damn near naything that anyone puts in front of me with an open mind (bananas being the exception), wild game...no problem, exotic veg or fruit...peice of cake, organ meats...minor hesitation, but what the heck!

Don't mess with perfection.

In my head I tried to envision the sweet/sour taste of a Bubbies bread & butter pickle with my perfect BLT and just was not having it. Heels dug in, I grubbed the rest of my sammy before he could corrupt it with a pickle. Being the good biddable girlfriend I am (Hah!), I tried his and I have to say.....

I was right.

Some things you just don't mess with and a BLT is one of them.

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Hope Goss, Realtor said...

LOVE BLT's.....no pickles...just mayo....but I gotta have the bread toasted!