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August 25, 2009

The little things that make your day.

The text said..."B and I made pupcakes for you & Brock"....."They are Lelem"

This comes from my friend Tiff and her 3 year old son yesterday afternoon. The text alone was enough to make me giggle and want to hug this kid (and his mom), but even better than that is the homemade wrapping job, inventive decor and sheer pleasure of stuffing a Lemon Cupcake smeared with Lemon Buttercream, sprinkled with Lemonheads in to my mouth at the end of a meal.

When asked how B helped make the cupcakes, he will tell you he poured the mix, added water and helped decorate with the Lemonheads (in so many words). B also decorated the "to go" containers that brought our treats home. Brock was a little bummed that he got a lower case "b" and I got an upper case "J", but I gave him the bigger cupcake to make up for it, so I think we are even.

Tiff & B make terrific cupcakes and awesome buttercream frosting of all flavors and I am fortunate enough that they share with me every once and a when when she brings them to the office or I drop by the house...this is just one that I had to share because it made my day! Hope the pics make you smile as much as they made Brock & I smile!

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